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Who Are We?

3OH DAO strives to become the trusted voice of Web3 to government officials in DC and around the globe.

Together, we’ll educate policymakers on the transformative benefits of blockchain technology and work to champion policies to advance the Web 3 community.

We are Web3.
We are 3OH DAO.

The Voice of Web3
Support the Future of Web3 by Helping us Educate and Influence Policy & Lawmakers around the World
How Can You Get Involved?
Step One
Purchase 3OH Governance Token
Step Two
Participate and Vote in 3OH DAO
Step Three
Be the Change You Want to See In The Web3 World
Road Map
Phase One
  • Legal formation: Political Action Committee (PAC), Lobby, Non-Profit
  • Federal Election Commission Filings
  • Identify In-House Government Relations
  • Identify PAC Executive Director
  • Identify DC-Based Crypto Lobby and Advisory
Phase Two
  • Bill Tracking and Public-Facing Information Tools
  • 3OH Staking
  • DAO Voting
  • DAO Rating System for Politicians, Bills, and Policy Papers
  • Identify Strategic Comms
  • IRS Approval, 501c3 Non-Profit
  • Political Fundraising, DAO and Non-DAO
Phase Three
  • Selection of DAO Prioritization Council
  • Branding Framework and Deployment
    • DeFi Advocacy Platform
    • DeFi Education Platform
  • Policy and Lawmaker Engagement
 in DC
  • Policy and Lawmaker Engagement, Local and State
Phase Four
  • Identify key races in 2022 Midterms for Political Giving Strategy
  • Identify Candidates and Races for 2024 that will further Mission and Values of 3OH and Web 3.0 PAC
Our Team
Dustin Dill
Randy Romich
Advocacy Partners