3OH DAO Staffs Up in D.C., Launches Super PAC, Unveils Policy Principles to Enable a More Democratized Internet

Web 3.0 Super PAC Poised to Shape Key Midterm Races

WASHINGTON, D.C. (JUNE 6, 2022) – ThreeOhDAO (3OH), a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) working to identify and elect representatives that support Web3, today announced a new leadership team, including veterans from the hill, and the worlds of campaign finance and tech startups. 

ThreeOhDAO Leadership Team

With industry-impacting legislation and competitive midterms on the horizon, 3OH has assembled a powerful group of policy and political experts charged with taking the organization to the next level.

Dave Barmore, was named 3OH’s Campaign and Public Affairs Director. Barmore is co-founder of Runway Strategies, a strategic policy advisory firm. He previously worked in Congress, and was an early policy hire at Uber. He will lead the day-to-day operations of 3OH’s policy and advocacy work in D.C.

Lindsey Schulte, a campaign finance operative with more than two decades of experience including senior positions at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and numerous Super PACs, will spearhead donor and giving strategy for the Web 3.0 PAC. 

Jennifer Mullin will lead strategic communications for 3OH. She is a former communications director in the U.S. Senate and led public affairs campaigns at Exelon, Uber and The Glover Park Group. 

Policy Solutions to Power Web 3.0

3OH released a detailed set of policy principles to inform and guide lawmakers and candidates for office on how to best enable  the next generation of the internet, known as Web 3.0. 

The principles touch on how digital assets and other Web 3.0 infrastructure should be treated by federal regulators, tax policy, and grantmaking bodies. The overarching goal is to allow more people to interact with these technologies and encourage innovation to thrive so that the U.S. can harness the economic opportunity Web 3.0 offers. 

Web 3.0 Super PAC

The Web 3.0 PAC will support candidates who believe in the societal and economic benefits of blockchain technology, and who will champion policies that support innovation and advance the transition to Web 3.

Both federal and state level candidates will be considered. 

“The U.S. has a huge opportunity to embrace Web 3.0 and the infrastructure it’s built upon, but  we are falling behind due to a lack of clarity on numerous issues,” said 3OH Founder, Dustin Dill. “There are legions of people who have a stake in these industries and want to advocate for smart policy solutions. The Web 3.0 Super PAC will give them a voice and path for shaping some of the most important policy decisions of our lifetimes.” 

Coming Soon: Educational Policy Series

The 3OH team will host a series of educational forums and conversations with the brightest minds in the crypto and Web3 policy space to inform industry enthusiasts on how federal and state action can  help or hasten progress toward a workable, properly regulated, decentralized finance system. 

Presenters will also provide updates on the latest legislation and where regulatory agencies may be focused in this space.

Speakers in the series will translate the arcane, and craft their presentations and remarks for a non-policy audience. More information on the series and how to participate will be released in the coming weeks at https://threeohdao.com

About ThreeOhDAO

ThreeOh DAO (3OH) is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) working to actively identify and elect representatives that support Web3 as a Value Proposition in government policy and legislation.

3OH’s active collaboration with DeFi Advocacy (501c4), DeFi Education (501c3), and Web 3.0 PAC (Super PAC) provide an organized means to educate and influence policy and lawmakers for the advancement of Web3 and Decentralization.