Tier 1

Tier 1 is the first level for the ThreeOh DAO Pass NFT.

  • You are provided with all of the DAO Pass benefits.
  • Purchased annually. Each pass provides a full year of access.
  • Stackable for 2 years.
  • Users can purchase multiple passes at a time, and they will stack. (I.e. purchasing 2eth NFT’s will provide you with 2 years of access.) Provides the holder with one extra governance vote if the wallet contains 3OH tokens.
  • This tier NFT is the minimum required along with 2.5B tokens to be considered for the community seats on the Prioritization Council.
  • The opportunity to be added to the new DeFi Advocacy Council. Access to the Prioritization Council Discussion Area.
  • This NFT does not provide an extra governance vote without the wallet containing tokens.