Tier 2

Tier 2 NFTs were created in direct response to members of the NFT community that do not purchase tokens. We have had multiple well known members of NFT projects mention to us that they would prefer to have an NFT option instead of token only. Since ThreeOh DAO seeks to be the voice for ALL of Web3, we have responded with the Tier 2 DAO Pass.

  • Provides all DAO Pass benefits.
  • Purchased bi-annually.
  • Access to Prioritization Council votes.
  • Voting rights: two votes per NFT (No tokens required).
  • Grants access to the community seats on the Prioritization Council in lieu of Tokens.
  • Holders are not required to have coins to participate and vote.
  • The opportunity to be added to the Advocacy Council. Access to the Prioritization Council Discussion Area.