ThreeOH DAO Core Principles Ratification Vote #1
The community will vote to ratify the current ThreeOH DAO Core Principles. These Core Principles are the guiding force for the DAO's decision making processes in regards to political candidate funding and backing. The Core Principles that we are ratifying are listed below:

1. Furthering the beliefs of the Web 3.0 community
2. Educating both politicians and the general public alike on the merits of blockchain technology, and it’s benefits to our society
3. Providing a voice for the crypto community on legislation designed for blockchain
4. All voters voices should carry weight, not just the voice of big money
5. Provide a public, Immutable History

This vote will be conducted through a simple For, Against, or Abstain vote.

*The vote will close on 4/20 at 4PM UTC (12PM EST)
Start: 04/13/2022
End: 04/20/2022